How to practise Russian

“Practice makes perfect, right?”
Here are some ways you can practice your Russian skills…


“Practice makes perfect, right?”

For many European languages that I used to learn, it was quite easy to practise the languages. Firstly, there are probably a bunch of people in your town that speak that language that you can practice with. There are also probably a lot of people near you that are also learning to speak that language (if you are at school you could probably even practise with your friends). Also if you are in the UK and you are learning a European language, chances are you will probably go there on holiday or pass through those countries (I’m thinking about French specifically) so you could practice them. But if you are from the UK (like me) and are studying Russian these probably aren’t applicable. So here are a few tips to practice Russian.

Find the few people near you that will speak it

It is unlikely that someone near you speaks fluent Russian unless you live in a big city, but if you can find someone, make sure you talk to them in Russian as much as you can. For example talk to them in English and when you can say one of the sentences in Russian, make sure you do. That way you will get more used to talking to people in Russian. They’ll probably even get a kick from it and have a laugh with you. If you talk to them, however, there is a chance you will end up practicing a more colloquial Russian and the odd swear word. As usuall


One thing I noticed when I talked to my friends was that they spoke WAY too quickly. So I decided to work on my listening skills. To do this, I just practised listening by watching YouTube that I would have watched in English anyway. If you enjoy watching FIFA, I stumbled on a really good Russian YouTuber called Yozhyk. Sometimes I even watch Pravda to improve my listening. There are a lot of really good Russian YouTuber. All you need to do is find a YouTuber that makes videos you like and then just subscribe and watch their videos every time they come out in order to improve your Russian listening.

VK and Twitter

VK is very similar to facebook and is widely adopted in Russia and Eastern Europe. If you find a Russian YouTuber that you really like or Russian journalists on twitter, make sure that you follow them. One thing I find that is really helpful is reading Russian out loud and not even bothering to think about the meaning of different words. This really helps with your reading skills and even helps if you are learning Hungarian. I follow Pravda on twitter and often check Yozhyk’s vk.

These will help you to improve your Russian by reading, listening and speaking every day. If you need some tactics to learn vocab, check out the tips in my post How to Learn Numbers in Any Language (you can apply these tips to any vocab).

Good Luck!