How to learn numbers in any languge

Easy tricks to quickly learn numbers in any language


Today I am going to be showing you a few quick and easy ways to learn numbers in a foreign language. I’ve tried all of these with the languages I am studying already and think that they are really good but some work better than others, so find what works best for you! The first step is to find out what the numbers actually are and then use these tricks to get the numbers nailed.

Counting Foreign Sheep (egy, kettő, három, négy…)

As a teenager I have quite a few sleepless nights. And I have always used the age old trick of counting sheep. But instead, I count the sheep in a different language. When you are tired and required to think extra hard to retrieve the numbers from the back of your mind, it certainly helps. Try it, next time you can’t fall asleep count in a language that you are learning and not only will it help you to fall asleep, but by the next morning you can impress your teacher with your immense number knowledge.


Think of a place that you can imagine vividly, that you know like the back of your hand. It might be your room, school, Times Square, it can be anything. When you close your eyes and see that place, assign areas of what you see to a number, but it HAS to be RELEVANT. Don’t just assign “dos” to your clothes pile, there has to be a reason. If you chose your room, the bookcase with 5 levels might “cinq” or the 10 posters on the wall might be “dieci“. This may sound stupid but if it is somewhere you know really well, it will be easy to assimilate the number to any aspect of that place and you will learn them in no time at all.

Post-it Notes

When I have any kind of language test then I invariably stick some post-it notes on my bedroom wall with the things I need to learn on them. Every morning when I wake up I look at them for a minute then go about getting ready. Seeing them as you pass by will force you to learn them and practice whatever it is you need to learn. Put them somewhere you will be forced to see them and won’t get damaged. Also, if you can, put them somewhere that has some relevance to what the post-it note says. That way you will learn the numbers even quicker, as mentioned above.


If you absolutely insist on writing notes or writing the numbers out thousands of times, make sure you use some colour. This will help you to remember the numbers quicker, plus if you just flick onto that page then you will clearly see the numbers you need to remember. Highlight the numbers you are having difficulty with and soon enough you’ll know them really well. Also, if you are going to use post-it notes, add some colour.


Good luck! Remember these tips can be used for anything you need to learn, not just numbers or languages but even science and maths etc.


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